Welcome to Meadowlark Music Studio in Didsbury, Alberta.  Carla Newsham has coached singers for over 25 years and has worked with all levels and ages.  Whether you are interested in taking singing lessons for the very first time or are wishing to take your singing skills to the next level, you can trust Carla's guidance.   

The human voice was created perfect; how we use it may not be.  It is very difficult to develop what you don’t understand. Some basic knowledge of the anatomy and physiology is very important in vocal training.  The more you know about your voice, the more respect you will have for it's strengths and limitations and better understand how to keep it in top shape and avoid injury.  Carla believes in teaching the basics first:  phonation, resonance, breathing, support, attack (vocal onset), alignment, anchoring, high notes, focus, improving vowels or vibrato. Once these important skills and understandings are in place they can then be applied to any style, from pop to classical.

Carla offers a wide variety of skills that can be incorporated into your lesson to suit what you might be striving for including:

  • Royal Conservatory exam preparation
  • Competitive and non-competitive festival preparation
  • Performance preparation
  • A variety of musical styles such as classical, folk, jazz, musical theatre, contemporary and pop
  • Ear training and sight singing
  • General music theory
  • Singing and music appreciation for fun, health and well-being

Carla also teaches Piano and Music Theory at beginner and intermediate levels.